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Sell Your Surplus Toner and Inkjet


Do you have a supply room full of unwanted printer cartridges and extra toner that  retail stores refuse to allow you to return? Galaxy Surplus will pay top dollar for these unused, surplus cartridges! If you have overstock, liquidation, or supplies you no longer need because of equipment changes, we will buy your OEM toner and inkjet cartridges, fusers, drums, phasers, maintenance, and transfer kits.


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 We Will Pay You Fast
A check will be mailed within three business days of receiving your shipment.  In addition, you will receive an email confirmation when your shipment has been processed and paid.

We Pay Shipping Costs
Any price quote that exceeds $50 qualifies for FREE shipping.  Once you accept our offer, we will email you pre-paid FedEx Ground shipping labels for your boxed items, or arrange a freight pickup for larger shipments. Zero cost and zero hassle.

Go Green
Reduce your business’ carbon footprint by selling us your unused overstock toner and inkjet cartridges. Help keep excess plastic out of landfills.