Fortune 500 companies commit to renewable energy

RE100 is a global initiative to support influential companies committed to using 100% renewable power.  Currently, more than 40 companies world-wide, including HP, Nike, Ikea, and Nestle,  have committed to reach full reliance on renewable power within the next decade.   Doing so can help manage fluctuating energy costs, as well as prove leadership on climate change, a confidence booster for their consumers.  HP expects to hit its emissions target early, with reliance on wind power to operate its data centers.

The private business sector accounts for more than half of the world’s electricity consumption.  The premise of RE100 is to increase business demand for renewable power, thus accelerating the demand from businesses for clean power.  Looking to the future, sustainable business practices such as incorporating renewable energy,  is also good for the companies’ bottom line.   One organization aligned with RE100, Infosys, has saved $80 million just through electricity cutting measures alone.

To read more about RE100, click here.

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