Why sell your overstock/surplus ink and toner?

There are over 65 million copiers, printers, and fax machines in the world today; up to 25% of these machines are replaced by newer technology every year.  This means large quantities of surplus inkjet, laser, and toner supplies are left cluttering shelves, unused and unwanted.

Galaxy Surplus will buy overstock, liquidated, and unwanted printer supplies, helping businesses reduce excess inventory. Instead of throwing those unneeded supplies in the trash, you can sell them for a substantial gain. We offer free shipping, and the payment is fast; in fact, we guarantee your check will be in the mail within 5 business days of receiving your cartridges.

It’s not every day you come upon a win-win-win situation. By selling your unused toner and inkjet cartridges, you reduce clutter around the office, you keep plastic out of landfills which helps the environment, and your business makes money as well!   What could be better than that?

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