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A Galaxy Surplus fundraiser can infuse thousands of dollars into your organization– without costing a penny!

Almost every business, school ,and community group in America has unused, unwanted toner, laser and inkjet  cartridge, stored away in a closet, supply room or under a desk. These cartridges are often left over from printers no longer in use, or they are overstock, or surplus, or liquidated from a business.  Call upon your contacts to gather their unwanted printer cartridges and sell them to Galaxy Surplus.

There’s no collection program to run, no complicated procedure to follow. You simply get the word out to your support network to contact us through our website at to complete the “Donate to a Cause” form with the donation number we’ve assigned to you. That’s it! There is no out of pocket expense, no sales, no aggressive fundraising. . This passive fundraiser can be an on-going event, with money coming to you all year ’round. Once you make the initial contact with your network, we’ll take care of the rest.


Here’s how to start:

1) Sign up as a “Cause Of Choice” on the form at the bottom of this page.  Your organization will be awarded a unique number which will be emailed to you.

2) Check your email for your new Cause Donation Number. This is a unique number assigned to your organization.  Please give this number to all of your supporters. They will be asked for this number when completing the form to send us surplus printer cartridges.

3) Download Letter and Email Templates from the Resource Kit to send to your supporters. These templates say it all and will help make your fundraiser effortless!

4) Direct your supporters to our website where they can list their items using the “Donate to a Cause” form.

5) Watch the money roll in! We’ll instruct your contacts on how to pack their cartridges. We’ll send them prepaid  shipping labels; and once we receive their shipments, we will process the paperwork and the payments will be sent to you.


Getting the word out is the most important thing you can do to run a successful FUNDRAISING program! The Galaxy Surplus sales team is here to help,  if you have any questions or need further support.

Keeping unwanted, unused cartridges out of the landfills means that this is also a green fundraiser– another plus! We think it’s the best donation request you’ll ever send, because you’re not asking for anything other than a little effort — no monetary donation, no time consuming collection effort. In fact, you’re helping them eliminate clutter while they support your cause.

Request your new account and unique donation number by completing the form below and we’ll help you get started today. It’s as simple as sending an email.



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