Infuse thousands of dollars into your organization– without costing a penny!

Almost every business, school, and community group in America has unused, unwanted toner, laser and inkjet cartridges, stored away in a closet, supply room or under a desk.  Office supply stores won’t buy them back, and sending them to a landfill isn’t environmentally responsible– plus those cartridges are still worth money!

Through our Cartridge Collect buy-back program, your organization can create an easy and unique fundraising opportunity, in just 4 steps!  There’s nothing to sell, and no cost to you.

Here’s how to start:

COLLECT   Contact your supporters to let them know about your fundraiser. We have an email or letter template for you to send to your contacts, making it even easier to get started!  Have them ask local businesses and offices if they have unused, name-brand printer cartridges they no longer need.  Gather these donated cartridges to your designated collection site.

REPORT  Go to the SELL YOUR SURPLUS page on our website and fill in the contact form.  There are several ways to send us the list of your collected cartridges.  You can fill in the online form and submit it to us; you can attach an excel or pdf list to the contact form.   Once we receive your submission, we will contact you with more information.  Please read the FAQ page, which will define what we can and cannot purchase.

SHIP  Once we have contacted you, we will send you FREE pre-paid FedEx shipping labels.  Simply pack up the items, print out the label, tape it to the box(es) and drop off at any FedEx office or business center/mail service center.

PROFIT  When your shipment arrives at our warehouse and has been accepted, Galaxy Surplus will mail you a check within 3 business days!

That’s it! There is no out-of-pocket expense, no sales, no aggressive fundraising. Your fundraiser can be an on-going event, with money coming to you all year ’round.  The Galaxy Surplus sales team is here to help, if you have any questions or need further support.