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Galaxy Surplus Will Pay Cash For Your Surplus Inkjet and Laser/Toner Cartridges

Sell Your Surplus

Two  ways to receive a speedy offer from Galaxy Surplus for your UNUSED original brand inkjet and laser/toner printer cartridges:

  • Fill out the form below and send it to us by clicking the “Submit Form” button.  You can also attach a pdf, excel, or word document, if you already have one formatted.  Unfortunately, photos cannot be attached to the form, at this time.
  • Email your list to us at info@galaxysurplus.com

We cannot accept older HP box styles (pictured below); including an old box style in your shipment will affect your payment total.  We purchase HP toner in the black/white style box ONLY.

**If your toner box says “Compatible”, “Premium Recycled Toner”,  or “Remanufactured”, we cannot purchase this toner.  Brands such as Premium Earth, G&G, LD, even Office Depot and Staples are compatible toner items.  Please send us a photo of the box, if you aren’t sure.**

We do not accept, or recycle empty, used printer cartridges.

We do not accept any  inkjet cartridge without its original box, or in open box, or with dates past 3 years.   We are currently accepting inkjet cartridges with dates from 2018 or newer.  Dates on toner boxes are not a concern.

We can purchase toner cartridges that have had their factory boxes opened, for a reduced price; the toner must be factory sealed in its inner bag.  We do not purchase open box inkjet.

Including these items will lower your quote; we reserve the right to offset any excess shipping cost to us, incurred by inclusion of items we do not purchase.

For more information about our purchasing terms, please visit our Terms and Conditions/FAQ page.

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Examples of older HP box styles we do not accept

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If available, attach your inventory file list. PDF, Word .doc files, or Excel files are accepted. Photo files (jpeg, png) are not accepted; please email those to us directly (info@galaxysurplus.com).

We are happy to help walk you through our system; in order to get you the most cash for your shipment, we cannot give out quotes over the phone.

We  purchase  unopened and unused ORIGINAL BRAND toner and inkjet printer cartridges.  We buy most OEM toner models, including fax, ink, and copier supplies.  We also purchase maintenance, fuser, and transfer kits.  Please note that “dual pack” toner is counted by the box, not the cartridge.  One dual pack box counts as a quantity of one, not two.  We purchase HP toner in the black/white style box ONLY