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References To Sell Your Used and Unused Office Furnishings

Every business, school, government agency and non-profit organization relies on computers, printers, office supplies, filing systems and furniture to run smoothly by keeping the workplace comfortable and efficient. Occasionally, office furniture needs to be replaced; computers, printers, vending machines and telephone systems need to be upgraded. The ongoing demand for printing supplies prompts most companies to overstock toner and inkjet cartridges to ensure that they won’t run out. From time to time, printers break down, or need to be replaced, leaving unused cartridges that just take up space.

Occasionally, companies go out of business,or need to downsize to a smaller facility with less storage space. If your business finds itself in either of these situations, we have some helpful advice: don’t discard unneeded office supplies and furniture, because there are online companies that want to buy these items from you at an honest price.

Furniture, office equipment and supplies cost a great deal of money, so why throw these items away when you can recapture some of that cost? Many businesses simply don’t know that there are companies eager to purchase your office supplies and furniture. Instead of throwing these items into the dumpster, or worse, paying a trash hauler to remove them, find an online company that wants to buy exactly what you have to sell. These business are willing to pay for the items you no longer need.

Sell Your Surplus Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

Almost every office in America has inkjet and toner cartridges it no longer needs. These cartridges pile up when printers break down, or when systems are upgraded.

Has your company recently purchased new printers and is left with a supply room full of unused inkjet and toner cartridges that aren’t compatible with any of the new printers?

Have you considered throwing those unneeded cartridges in the trash just to get them out of the way?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, and your printer cartridges are original brand and unopened, sell them to, a respected company, paying top dollar for every major make and model.

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selling office supplies

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Sell Your Surplus Office Supplies

Do you have old computers and printers, copiers, and fax machines that you no longer need? Did you recently update your phone system and are stuck with old phones you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you have unused expendables, like paper, or shipping boxes that you no longer need. If so, take a look at the chart we’ve created to help you find a honest buyers.

We scoured the internet to find the best and most trusted companies that want to buy your unneeded items. These companies will offer you a fair price. In the process, you’ll be helping the environment by keeping these items out of our nation’s landfills. Bookmark this infographic for future reference and use it to earn what could amount to hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

Don’t come up empty-handed! Sell your surplus items today and receive the cash these products are worth. Naturally, Galaxy Surplus is among the
companies listed. They will buy your toner and inkjet cartridges.

Don’t Throw Away That Toner!

We provide sellers with quick payment for their unused toner and inkjet cartridges. Sell us all your major brands, including Brother, Dell, Cannon, Hewlett Packard (HP), IBM, Lexmark, Oce, Pitney, Panasonic, Ricoh, Samsung and Xerox. Once you sell us your toner and inkjet cartridges, you’ll be saying, “I wish I would have found sooner!” “Selling my unwanted printer cartridges was a smart business move. It gave my company extra capitol to purchase cartridges for our new printers.”

How Galaxy Surplus Works

If you’ve accumulated a number of unused, original brand, printer cartridges that you’d like to sell, we’re ready to buy!

Simply go to our website at, fill out our contact information form which includes your name, address and phone number. Then list the toner and inkjet cartridges you have to sell (or you can fax us your list if you like). We’ll follow up with a friendly phone call ( usually the same day ) to ask a few questions about the age and condition of your cartridges.

After that, we’ll send you an itemized bid, showing exactly what we can pay for each model you’ve listed. If you like our quote, we’ll e-mail you free Fedex Ground shipping labels. Once your shipment is received, we’ll inspect it quickly and send your payment within three business days. Orders over $50 receive free shipping and smaller orders will receive a $5 USPS shipping discount credit. We only request that your cartridges are not used, and are genuine original manufacturer.


Our professional customer service representatives are able to answer all of your questions and assist with any problems that might arise. With over 10 years of experience, we’re a name you can trust.

Galaxy Surplus is registered with the Better Business Bureau as a in good standing.

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