Terms and Conditions/FAQ

What we purchase

Galaxy Surplus purchases unused and sealed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand items, such as HP, Lexmark, Dell, Xerox and Canon.  We also purchase OEM ink cartridges with expiration dates going back only as far as 3 years (currently 2018 or newer).

We buy most OEM cartridges including fax cartridges, imaging drums, copier cartridges, maintenance kits, fuser, and transfer kits.  Please note that a “dual pack” is counted per box, not per cartridge, so each dual pack is a quantity of one (not two).  We purchase HP toner in the black/white style box ONLY.

We can purchase unused toner cartridges, even if the box has been opened. Please note any opened items in the “Model Number/Name” field of your submission form so that we can quote your order accurately.  We cannot purchase opened ink cartridge boxes.

If you have ink cartridges, the box must be factory sealed, and if there is a date on the box, it must be within 3 years of the current date.  If you have only ink cartridges to sell to us, please note that a minimum must be met, and this is generally 10 – 20 items, depending upon the model.

Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase remanufactured or compatible brands.   Including these in your shipment without prior approval will negatively affect your payment total.

What we do not purchase

We do not purchase compatible, remanufactured, or empty/used printer cartridges.  Indications that the toner or cartridge is a compatible model are generic labeling on the box, and text reading “replaces (name of) cartridge”.  If your toner box is labeled “Compatible”, “Premium Replacement Toner”, “Remanufactured” or if the label indicates that it is not an original brand toner company, we are not able to purchase the item.

We do not purchase used or empty toner or ink cartridges.  ‘Empty’ and ‘used’ are terms used to describe any cartridge with pull-tabs that have been pulled or which have been inserted into a machine, or cartridges whose interior plastic or foil bags have been opened.   Including these in your shipment will negatively affect your payment total.

Shipping Terms

Galaxy Surplus provides an easy solution for shipping your items to us.  A price quote that exceeds $50 qualifies for free shipping; a quote under $50 may receive shipping compensation upon payout.  Items shipping from outside the continental US do not qualify for free shipping, but will receive shipping compensation upon payout.

Please carefully pack your unused, genuine brand items into an outer box.  All items must be packed within a shipping box or pallet; over-boxing is very important to keep your units in good condition so that we can pay you top dollar!   Please let us remove any stickers or labels from your items; we know how to remove labels without causing damage which would affect your items value.

Include a copy of your quote inside the box.  The shipping box must weigh less than 80lbs and be smaller than 30″ x 25″ x 30″.  If you need more than one shipping box, no problem!  We can supply you with the labels you need for your shipment.  For around $2, shipping/moving boxes are available for purchase at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Depending upon the size of your order, we offer freight, FedEx, and USPS options.  If your order qualifies, we will email you pre-paid shipping labels. For larger shipments, we can arrange a freight pick up.  We will contact you to provide information concerning this option.

Customers who ship oversize boxes or items that are not included on the original order will be liable for shipping charges; please call us before shipping items not included on the original order so that we can approve the additional inclusion.  Customers requesting the return of unaccepted items will be responsible for all shipping charges. If a shipment is received that is 100% unusable because the items are used, remanufactured, or unreasonably damaged; Galaxy Surplus has the right to invoice and collect actual shipping costs.

Payment Terms
Once we receive your shipment, our  team will carefully inspect each item.  Once the shipment has been approved,  we will pay you within 3 business days!  Only one promotional offer can be applied to a shipment.

We will apply appropriate payment terms to all orders we receive.  Our “Opened and Damaged Box Chart” price chart (see below) lists the payment scale for opened toner cartridge boxes.

Any items sent in open box/open bag or used condition, or any inkjet cartridge sent with an unapproved date  prior to 3 years past the current year, will negatively affect your quote, as we cannot purchase these.  We reserve the right to offset our shipping costs with a lowered payout, should we determine that said items warranted excess shipping cost to us.

Price List
Our prices are based on market demands and current surplus buy back pricing.  Because these numbers fluctuate quickly, we do not publish a price list.  By providing us with detailed information in your request form, we can offer you a faster and more accurate price quote, getting you the most cash for your surplus.

Opened and Damaged Box Chart

Sealed boxes must be in good condition without crushed or damaged corners, puncture holes, tape scarring, water damage, or indelible ink writing. Boxes received with any of the above mentioned will be considered opened and will be valued at 50%. All original packaging material must be included with the cartridges, such as end-caps and plastic sleeves, items without will be deemed unsellable.


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